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FeedsAPI — это превосходная альтернатива Yahoo Pipes, которая позволяет легко извлекать полнотекстовые RSS-каналы с разных веб-сайтов, настраивать эти каналы и легко синдицировать или распространять их по предпочитаемым каналам.

Этот инструмент впечатляет, учитывая, что он позволяет превращать отдельные HTML-страницы в новостную ленту RSS, и вы также можете получать его по электронной почте, в записи Evernote, в блоге, в файле PDF или JSON. Единственный недостаток этого инструмента — отсутствие бесплатного решения, и вы будете платить не менее 15 долларов в месяц за доступ к их услугам.

Цены: Хобби (15 долларов в месяц), Стандарт (79 долларов в месяц).

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Huginn is the solution most Yahoo Pipes users seem to be turning to. It’s an app you can grab from GitHub, allowing you to do anything Yahoo Pipes could do and most things IFTTT can do too.

You can run it on your own server, or you can deploy it on Heroku for free using a simple install process. If that doesn’t suit you, there are instructions in the wiki for deployment on dozens of other services, including a guide for complete novices.

This is the most popular of all the GitHub solutions mentioned, and has a huge, active support community behind it. It’s well documented and easy to use. Plus, once you start playing with it you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. is an amazing RSS feed delivery tool that offers both free and premium plans. You can easily aggregate feeds from different websites, sort and filter out those RSS feeds, mash-up several RSSS feeds into a single one, Append new content to a feed and share your aggregations across different social media networks. does a great job right from feed aggregation to its delivery on social media. Although the free version is pretty limited down on features, the Pro version is worth your attention if RSS feed aggregation and delivery was your important activity on Yahoo Pipes.

Pricing: Free (5 Feeds), Pro ($9.99/mo for 50 feeds), Ultimate ($19.99/mo for 125 feeds) and Agency ($149.99/mo for Unlimited feeds).


Huginn is a tool that lets you build ‘Agents’, that do the work of performing automated tasks for you. This tool could scourge the internet for events and actions on behalf of you. The tool is available for free on GitHub and its developers promote it as ‘Think of it as a hackable Yahoo! Pipes plus IFTTT on your own server.’

The tool is pretty famous among Yahoo Pipes’ users and on GitHub. It is actually capable of doing everything that Yahoo Pipes and IFTTT are capable of doing for you. The tool could be easily deployed to your server, if you follow the documentation on their GitHub page. An active community behind its development and a well-documented procedure makes Huginn a must consider for all those Yahoo Pipes enthusiasts.

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Pricing: Free

So, we come to the end of the list of Best Yahoo Pipes alternatives. Do share your thoughts and comments regarding this tool and the shutting down of Yahoo Pipes below. is a premium application available on the Apple play store. This app allows users to create their own custom ‘Workflows’ whose functionality is similar to Yahoo Pipes and IFTTT. Apps and actions are integrated together to automate your workflow. Collecting feeds, saving them to your cloud storage or sharing them on social media platforms is possible with this handy little mobile application.

More than 200 actions are supported by this tool, among which features the ability to scrawl webpages for extracting their RSS feeds and choosing to share them to your social media profiles. Advanced level workflows are possible with this tool, while only integrating of social tasks is possible in IFTTT. Built-in actions of your iOS could also be triggered easily using Workflow application.

Pricing: $2.99 on Apple App Store


Zapier is an enterprise level alternative to Yahoo Pipes. Although Zapier is a lot similar to IFTTT in its operations, it goes way beyond IFTTT, and has a professional edge over other tools. Zapier is great for organizations to create ‘Zaps’ or an action-reaction based scheduling using over 400 different third-party applications. You can easily streamline data from different websites, filter them and choose to publish it to social networks or choose to save them on your cloud storage.

Zapier gets more powerful with its premium plans, which lets you create and manage more Zaps and perform more tasks per month. Zapier makes it easier to integrate different tools and create automated tasks when certain events are triggered. A business-level alternative to Yahoo Pipes is what Zapier is all about.

Pricing: Free (5 Zap), Basic ($20/mo for 20 Zaps), Business ($50/mo for 50 Zaps), Business Plus ($75/mo for 75 Zaps), Infrastructure ($125/mo for 125 Zaps).

Kimono Labs

Kimono Labs is an amazing web application that easily ousts Yahoo Pipes or any other web aggregator for that matter. You must see this tool in action to realize the possibilities with it. Kimono Labs allows users to painlessly turn websites into personalized API feeds, which can be exported in JSON/CSV/RSS or even turned into a mobile app! The patterned structure of extracting data from a website, makes it easy for end users to filter out data visually within a few minutes.

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While creating your API, you can also set the time limit after which the tool should crawl the website for further updates. These API’s are publicly hosted on a cloud network and are shared with the community of Kimono Labs. You can also personalize your Kimono Labs generated mobile phone app to stay updated with the things that you care. Although there does exist an Enterprise plan, the Free plan should suffice daily individual users.

Pricing: Free Plan

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Huginn — это инструмент, который позволяет вам создавать «агентов», которые выполняют за вас автоматизированные задачи. Этот инструмент может напасть на Интернет для событий и действий от вашего имени. Инструмент доступен бесплатно на GitHub, и его разработчики рекламируют его как « Думайте о нем как о взломанном Yahoo! Трубы плюс IFTTT на вашем собственном сервере .

Этот инструмент довольно популярен среди пользователей Yahoo Pipes и на GitHub. На самом деле он способен делать все, что Yahoo Pipes и IFTTT способны сделать для вас. Инструмент может быть легко развернут на вашем сервере, если вы будете следовать документации на странице GitHub. Активное сообщество, стоящее за его разработкой, и хорошо документированная процедура делают Huginn обязательным условием для всех энтузиастов Yahoo Pipes.

Цены: бесплатно

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Итак, мы подошли к концу списка лучших альтернатив Yahoo Pipes. Поделитесь своими мыслями и комментариями относительно этого инструмента и закрытия Yahoo Pipes ниже.

IFTTT Combined with Feedly Pro

For many of the Yahoo Pipes users, it was all about streamlining data from across the web, filtering them and sharing on different social networks. If sharing of your personalized feeds is what Yahoo Pipes was serving you with, IFTTT combined with Feedly Pro will be your best bet. IFTTT does somewhat gets its inspiration from Yahoo Pipes, as it lets users congregate data from across the web and using ‘Recipes’, they can trigger some other task or action.

Feedly Pro is recommended, as it provides you with more platforms to share data with, including Buffer, LinkedIn Hootsuite and Zapier, in addition to Twitter and Facebook. Feedly Pro would also help you streamline alters from Google Alters and Craigslist for certain keywords. IFTTT combined with Feedly Pro is the only functional alternative to Yahoo Pipes, if sharing of your personalized feed is of your major interest.

Pricing: Free for IFTTT, $3.75/month for Feedly Pro.

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Feed Combining + Feed Filtering

If you’re not a Feedly Pro user, there are dozens of feed combining tools out there you can use.

Check out RSS Mix and FeedCombine for starters. If you don’t like them, there are plenty more. This will let you continue to combine RSS feeds

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for whatever useful RSS purpose you have in mind.

You may want to simply filter the feed

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somewhat before you post it to Twitter. Take that combined feed and run it through something like or IFTTT, being sure to set options that filter for certain keywords, and adding hashtags before it posts.

If you want to filter your feeds

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for other purposes, you can use tools like Feed Rinse. These tools are not as powerful as Pipes, but will at least filter out content for you.

Кимоно Лабс

Kimono Labs — это удивительное веб-приложение, которое легко вытесняет Yahoo Pipes или любой другой веб-агрегатор. Вы должны увидеть этот инструмент в действии, чтобы реализовать возможности с ним. Kimono Labs позволяет пользователям безболезненно превращать веб-сайты в персонализированные API-каналы, которые можно экспортировать в JSON / CSV / RSS или даже превратить в мобильное приложение! Структурированная структура извлечения данных с веб-сайта позволяет конечным пользователям легко визуально отфильтровать данные в течение нескольких минут.

При создании вашего API вы также можете установить ограничение по времени, после которого инструмент должен сканировать веб-сайт для дальнейших обновлений. Эти API общедоступны в облачной сети и передаются сообществу Kimono Labs. Вы также можете персонализировать приложение для мобильных телефонов, созданное Kimono Labs, чтобы быть в курсе того, что вам не безразлично Несмотря на то, что существует корпоративный план, бесплатный план должен быть достаточным для ежедневных индивидуальных пользователей.

Ценообразование: бесплатный план

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